Pure and Natural

All of our soaps start with a base that consists of a balanced combination of Olive, Coconut, Castor, Shea and other fine oils. 

Each bar of Husky Soap is cured for a minimum of 30 days and tested for a perfect PH balance that creates a long-lasting bar of soap that is gentle and moisturizing on any skin type.

Our body sprays  and room sprays are made from 100% premium quality perfumers' alcohol & distilled water. We never use vodka or witch hazel.

Our Aroma Therapy Massage & Body oils are made with fractionated Coconut Oil. Smooth, Non-Oily leaves skin silky smooth.

All of our liquid hand soaps, lotions, shower gels and hair care products are made from only the finest ingredients.

We are proud of our products and it is very important that you, as a customer, are happy with the service and products we provide.

We love to hear from our customers!

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About Husky Soaps

Support our Furry Friends


The Husky Soap Shop will donate 10% of each online order to a local animal shelter.

These shelters help thousands of unfortunate furry friends each year.


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